School bus tracker

GPS Tracker for school bus

Tracking of multiple school bus, driver activity, fuel tracking, and Affa School is a most complicated work for school admin staff and transport manager. Affa School GPS make your work simple by using AIS 140 GPS tracker for the school bus with RFID Attendance System. Our RFID attendance system sends auto SMS notification to parents when their child board and deboard from the school bus. The school admin staff can generate the bus attendance report online.

Features for School Admin

Assign Route & Stop

Assign route for all bus and store all stoppage details in our software. New Driver can easily drive according it.

Allocate Student

Allocate students for separate bus route wise & stoppage wise. Transport manager can easily get report of seat availability.

RFID Attendance System

We also provide RFID Attendance system for school bus. Parents get automatic SMS notification when their child board or dashboard from bus.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Live monitor your students and driver activity using our NDVR, or store it for further use.

Estimate Arrival Time

Estimate Arrival Time(ETA)

Now parents also get Estimate Arrival time of school bus in their mobile app.

Online bus fee collection

Online fee collection

Collect your school bus fee online by using our school management software.

How GPS tracker works in school bus?

The full form of the GPS is a global positioning system. A few years back GPS tracker used only in military base and some sensitive areas. To ensure child safety and tracking system purpose we are starting to install GPS tracker in school bus also. We fix some GPS controlling unit in the school bus with BTS SIM card. The sim card sends the data to the server after every second. We decode the data and show the live status of the school bus position, speed, geofencing and lots more. In our school management software and mobile app, parents can track easily where is the bus or they can calculate the estimated arrival time for the same. Our mission and vision are enhancing student safety in school campus as well as school bus also. If you read the article please share with your near and dear one.

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